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Welcome to SelfSites.com. Simply the BEST self-building Web site system on the market today!
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Top 10 Benefits

30 Features

It's Easy!

Features Include:

The easiest to use site builder on the Internet. Compare the software to any other.

Over 30 industry-leading features:
• Photo album
• Message boards
• Custom forms polls, and more. Find out more.

• The most powerful shopping cart in the industry with 500 products included. Find out more.

• Over 200 designs

• Online Microsoft Word style editor with no download required

• The only toolbar-based website editor makes SelfSites.com powerfully easy.

• Free additional resource documents.

• Email, newsletters and email auto-responders


• 35 chapters of online support documentation (continually updated)

• Over 150 knowledge base articles (continually updated)

• Free unlimited online technical support

• Professional Design Services. Find our more.


Hosting a dynamic site builder requires 100 times more computing power than a typical static website.

Reliability and performance are enhanced by:

• Over 100 redundant Internet connections

• Multiple application servers

• Multiple database servers

• Multiple file servers

• Multiple DNS servers

• Multiple Mail servers

• Multiple load balancers

• Multiple firewalls

SelfSites.com does not use the typical website host on a single web server design. Many dedicated machines work together for greater power, ease of use and reliability.

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